Uponor is now offering a new Thermal Actuator, four-wire (A3023522) which features a new design with lower, 1-watt power consumption and three adapter rings for compatibility with all of Uponor’s radiant manifolds, including the Engineered Polymer (EP) Heating Manifold, the Stainless-steel Manifold, the TruFLOW™ Classic Manifold and the TruFLOW Jr. Manifold.

Product Discontinuation Note: This actuator will be replacing our current Thermal Actuator, four-wire (A3010522) once inventory is depleted.
The new Thermal Actuator (A3023522) will also come with a new Spacer Ring (A2870100) which will be compatible with both the new and current Thermal Actuators (A3023522 and A3010522). This Spacer Ring allows compatibility with the TruFLOW Classic and TruFLOW Jr. Manifolds, and will also be offered as a replacement part if there is a need to purchase it separately.

Product Discontinuation Note: The new ring will be replacing our current Spacer Ring (A3019900) once inventory is depleted.

For complete details, refer to Uponor's controls section for technical and marketing materials.

For pricing, refer to the Uponor Online Catalog.

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