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Who We Are

Wales-Darby represents the highest quality and most technologically advanced manufacturers that enable us to provide reliable solutions to the HVAC and plumbing industries.  For over 45 years Wales-Darby has represented synergistic product lines that provide a complete package for HVAC system design. 

Wales-Darby provides Best in class products, services, education, and training capabilities to the HVAC professional.

Wales-Darby subscribes to a philosophy of value-added that guides us.
Our business exists to:

  1. Provide value to our employees by operating with integrity, stability, and a family oriented culture.
  2. To provide value to our manufacturers-by being a fully invested business partner.
  3. To provide value to our customers – our Distributors, our HVAC professional contractors, and our Mechanical Engineering partners.

We at Wales-Darby have embodied this credo for over 45 years now and look to continue on with successive generations for years to come.