High Purity Reverse Osmosis

High purity applications can include medical sterilization, laboratory, humidification, boiler feed, among other industrial and manufacturing processes. We can provide turnkey water testing, design, CAD/Revit drawings, and specifications to come up with a pre-plumbed and wired skid mounted system. Skids typically include pre-filtration, storage vessels and delivery pumping equipment, UV, RO, and deionization.

Legionella and Pathogen Control

Legionella and other water borne pathogens can be dangerous to human health. Long pipe runs, warm temperatures, and stagnant areas common to large buildings can cause growth of these harmful microorganisms. High-capacity filtration devices can be used to combat them.

Pipe Corrosion Prevention

No electric connection, no moving parts, no maintenance. What’s not to like? It prevents and removes existing rust and scale in any type of pipe system, from sizes ½” to 36”. By forming turbulence, the device creates a strong electrostatic field that promotes ionization.


Removing hardness in water does not always have a one-size-fits-all product. For residential, we have inline descalers to handle up to 7 GPM on residential applications, and softeners with up to 49,800 grain capacity ideal for 3–5-bathroom homes.

On the commercial side, after a water quality test, we can recommend the right solution for you that can include carbon, tannin, or calcite filter options. Softeners feature control valves, high-strength fiberglass reinforced mineral tanks and long-lasting synthetic cation resin.

Water Reclamation

Recycling systems reclaim from sources such as rainwater and greywater to reuse for cooling tower make up, irrigation, or other high usage demands. The system provides a turnkey design, CAD/Revit drawings, and specifications to come up with a pre-plumbed and wired skid mounted system. Common disinfection methods include Ozone, UV or chemical treatment.

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