Baseboard & Fin Tube

A wide variety of manufacturers offer fin tube, for both residential and commercial applications. Some are designed for lower supply water temperatures that work well with condensing boilers and have a low surface temperature preventing any burns from human contact.

Chilled Beams

Chilled beams can provide heating, lighting, fresh air delivery, controls and other building services in addition to water-driven cooling. Active, passive and multiservice panels are available with outputs close to 1,000 BTU/linear ft. on units only 5” deep.


Wales Darby offers product as thin as they get for hydronic fan coils with a near silent low voltage EC motor. As slim as 4.7” in depth, 2 and 4 pipe configurations, 0-10dvc fan modulation, and up to 4 tons output. Concealed, ducted and wall mount models available.

In-Floor Trench Systems

Trench radiators are ideal for perimeter heating and cooling, especially along glass facades. Configurations include heating only, heating and cooling, 2 and 4 pipe, fan assisted or natural convection.

Kickspace & Cabinet Heaters

A space saving alternative to baseboard, kickspace heaters are the ideal solution for hard to heat areas in residential applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers. Outputs are available up to 12,000 BTUs.

Unit heaters are available as gas, electric, steam or hot water and are ideal for both residential and commercial, including but not limited to, garage, warehouse and retail projects.

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