The Cooperator Expo Spring Tradeshow held on May 10th at the New York Hilton Midtown was a great experience and yielded many potential commercial projects for Wales Darby, a manufacturer's representative who showcased high-efficiency HVAC system solutions and heat pumps at the show. Our proactive approach in assisting multi-family buildings, condos, and co-ops in meeting the requirements of NYC Local Law 97, coupled with our commitment to energy efficiency and electrification, made us a standout participant at the event.

Wales Darby recognizes the urgency for energy-efficient solutions and electrification in the face of NYC Local Law 97, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability in buildings. As a manufacturer's representative, we provide advanced HVAC, Plumbing and Hydronic system solutions tailored to the specific needs of multi-family buildings, condos, and co-ops.

At the Cooperator Expo Spring Tradeshow, Wales Darby seized the opportunity to educate attendees about the implications of NYC Local Law 97 and the benefits of embracing energy-efficient and electrification solutions. Through informative product displays and engaging discussions, we positioned ourselves as experts in the field, while assisting property owners and building managers in making informed decisions to proactively comply with the law and contribute to a greener future. Products of interest were high-efficiency split-terminal heat pumps, hybrid heat pump / water heaters & HVAC solutions from Fujitsu, Spacepak & A.O. Smith. Wales Darby's representatives Brendan Casey, Steve Poli and Chris Crean were readily available to address questions, provide detailed information, and offer personalized guidance to attendees interested in exploring energy-efficient and electrification options.

Our team of experts also offered attendees personalized consultations to conduct thorough assessments of each building’s unique needs and provide customized recommendations to any site - be it a new development or retrofit. This level of attention and dedication helped establish Wales Darby as a trusted partner in the journey towards energy efficiency and electrification.

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B&F Johnstone Supply hosted their airline-themed Spring Trade Show after an entire 3-year hiatus, and it did not disappoint. Held at the 1960’s retro-styled TWA Hotel, our distributor gave each Contractor their “passport” ticket and it was their duty to visit every rep to get a stamp in their passport. Wales Darby and other representatives from major air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration manufacturers were able to meet and greet with customers to discuss equipment, upcoming jobs, special offerings, challenging applications and more. In addition, B&F Johnstone Supply kept it fun with giveaways, speeches, good food, and even an encounter with former NFL quarterback, football analyst, and WFAN morning host, Boomer Esiason!

Wales Darby displayed the split terminal heat pumps (STHP) and Multi-Position Air Handler (AMUG) from Fujitsu, along with Hybrid Water Heater Heat Pumps from A.O. Smith, and Pre-insulated Refrigeration Linesets with Mini-split Accessories from HMAX. Contractors were especially interested in our High-velocity, Air-to-Water Heat Pumps from Spacepak after we took them out to see the “Connie” Airplane Bar. This plane has been fully heated and cooled for years thanks to Wales Darby and the four LAHP48 Solstice Extreme Air-to-Water Heat Pumps by Spacepak. The former airplane-turned-bar was a highlight of the show and spurred many healthy conversations about Wales Darby products and services for future jobs.

For more information on Wales Darby products and services for commercial and residential applications, please contact us via our website or call 631-585-6800.

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