The Wales Darby Mobile Learning Center is all geared up and hitting the road for Live-Fire A. O. Smith Training with the ProLine XE® Voltex® AL Smart Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater! Take a look at the video of our Contractor Services Group Manager, John Resso as he takes you through a virtual training session on the new high-performance, high-efficiency unit.

June 24th, 3-4pm

It's About the Outside Air: Why Passive House Ventilation is the Invisible Hand of High Performance

In the quest to optimize comfort, efficiency, and architectural design, professionals struggle with thermal-bridge-free detailing, they closely examine the air barrier continuity and triple-check the window placements in the PHPP – but the ventilation? Too often, there is a lack of appreciation for the profound impact ventilation has on a building’s energy balance and the design freedom that results from optimized ventilation systems. Ignore it no longer. Learn about the Passive House Institute’s criteria for ventilation units and systems certification. Understand why, scientifically, it is as it is, and the results when implemented on a large scale.  Ask questions and use the hour to dive deeper into the discussion with the presenters.

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