In Long Island's West Islip Beach Street Middle School, the Fujitsu AIRSTAGE VU-V system was successfully installed under the guidance of HVAC Department Director Chris Crean from Wales Darby. This modern VRF technology replaced inefficient window shakers, providing a more energy-efficient and flexible solution for this commercial application. The installation was carried out by Commercial Instrumentation Services (CIS) from Deer Park, NY, while Sid Harvey's Medford Branch, represented by store manager Chris Kelley, served as the Distributor. A total of 8 Fujitsu VRF systems, including 6 VU-V systems and 1 JIII system, were installed, utilizing over 40 indoor evaporators to complete the project.

CIS is set to continue this successful installation at the 2nd West Islip Udall Road Middle School starting in early August.

Wales Darby recently concluded the highly successful "RIELLO Run" Product Roadshow. The two-week mobile product showcase, in collaboration with RIELLO North America, embarked on a journey across New York and New Jersey. Led by North East Regional Sales Manager Larry Whalen, the team traveled in a van specially outfitted with a range of products for demonstration.

The primary objective of the RIELLO Run was to engage with Engineering and Architecture firms, initiating conversations on commercial heating and cooling system solutions. The showcase highlighted the seamless integration of components into existing or retrofit systems, emphasizing the features, benefits, and maintenance aspects of the products.

Among the standout offerings was the RIELLO Boiler Array V2.5, a pre-packaged boiler plant that sets a new industry standard for efficiency, redundancy, and reliability. This cutting-edge solution garnered significant attention and appreciation from the attendees. Additionally, the showcase featured high-efficiency electric boilers from Electro Industries, venting systems from Centrotherm, and pump systems from Taco Comfort Solutions. These high-efficiency products showcased the potential for integration within commercial buildings, allowing for comprehensive system optimization and electrification solutions.

During the roadshow, Larry Whalen and the Wales Darby commercial/engineering team actively engaged with the attendees. They answered questions, facilitated Q&A sessions, and provided detailed explanations of the products on display. To further enhance the experience, breakfast or lunch was served, and a few giveaways were distributed. Literature highlighting the showcased products was also made available, ensuring that engineers and architects could take valuable information back to their workplaces. It is hoped that this knowledge will contribute to the Spec Bid process for new building projects or retrofit solutions.

The RIELLO Run Product Roadshow proved to be an informative and successful endeavor. With over 20 locations visited within the two-week span, Wales Darby and RIELLO North America effectively disseminated crucial information and fostered meaningful conversations with industry professionals. This collaborative effort has undoubtedly created new opportunities and strengthened Wales Darby's position as a leading provider of HVAC, Hydronics, and Plumbing equipment.

The Cooperator Expo Spring Tradeshow held on May 10th at the New York Hilton Midtown was a great experience and yielded many potential commercial projects for Wales Darby, a manufacturer's representative who showcased high-efficiency HVAC system solutions and heat pumps at the show. Our proactive approach in assisting multi-family buildings, condos, and co-ops in meeting the requirements of NYC Local Law 97, coupled with our commitment to energy efficiency and electrification, made us a standout participant at the event.

Wales Darby recognizes the urgency for energy-efficient solutions and electrification in the face of NYC Local Law 97, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability in buildings. As a manufacturer's representative, we provide advanced HVAC, Plumbing and Hydronic system solutions tailored to the specific needs of multi-family buildings, condos, and co-ops.

At the Cooperator Expo Spring Tradeshow, Wales Darby seized the opportunity to educate attendees about the implications of NYC Local Law 97 and the benefits of embracing energy-efficient and electrification solutions. Through informative product displays and engaging discussions, we positioned ourselves as experts in the field, while assisting property owners and building managers in making informed decisions to proactively comply with the law and contribute to a greener future. Products of interest were high-efficiency split-terminal heat pumps, hybrid heat pump / water heaters & HVAC solutions from Fujitsu, Spacepak & A.O. Smith. Wales Darby's representatives Brendan Casey, Steve Poli and Chris Crean were readily available to address questions, provide detailed information, and offer personalized guidance to attendees interested in exploring energy-efficient and electrification options.

Our team of experts also offered attendees personalized consultations to conduct thorough assessments of each building’s unique needs and provide customized recommendations to any site - be it a new development or retrofit. This level of attention and dedication helped establish Wales Darby as a trusted partner in the journey towards energy efficiency and electrification.

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Ecogreen Heat Pump

Wales Darby is excited to announce our representation of ECOGREEN Heat Pumps in the NY/NJ market.

ECOGREEN, located in the Americas, and founded by progressive industry experts, manufactures accessible, high quality, high COP heat pumps for commercial applications. ECOGREEN offers Air-to-Water heat pumps in sizes up to 360 tons, as well as Water-to-Water heat pump modules, featured in 30 ton and 60 ton sizes, which can be ganged together for any tonnage required as per your project.

Every ECOGREEN heat pump is designed and fabricated with the NY/NJ customer in mind, which means that high performance, excellent ROI, reliability, ease of service, and integration capability with renewables are paramount features. Additionally, ECOGREEN’s heat pumps are built in the Americas for the Americas – simply put, they are assembled of easily accessible, nearby sourced components in order to avoid supply chain issues and over-ocean transit.

The advanced technology, intuitive controls, modular design, and size ranges of ECOGREEN heat pumps will continue to allow our Commercial and Engineering Groups to be leaders in the effort to offer exceptional solutions to today’s electrification and decarbonization initiatives.

Wales Darby will release training and product information regarding ECOGREEN shortly.

Ecogreen Heat Pump

Wales Darby proudly represented electrification solutions including product from Spacepak, Fujitsu, A.O. Smith and VEXO at the 2023 New York Build Expo held at the Jacob Javits Center on March 8-9. Our high-efficiency, low-energy consumption split terminal heat pumps (STHP), hydronic filtration solutions and hybrid electric water heaters suit many applications and help your project meet NYC Local Law 97 regulations.

Many engineers, architects, contractors, building owners and other industry professionals loved our working Fujitsu AIRSTAGE STHP display, which helped to spur productive discussions on how Wales Darby can help with their next project. Wales Darby experts Steve Poli, Chris Crean, Brendan Casey and Rick Koester were on hand to discuss our high-quality product lines, and ways to ensure that your project is highly efficient and meets new building requirements.

For more information on Wales Darby design build services and our products for commercial and residential applications, please contact us via our website at or call 631-585-6800.

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Wales Darby and Fujitsu NYC Building Electrification Retrofits

Wales Darby's own, Christopher Crean, collaborated with Fujitsu in writing an article for Contracting Business on reducing energy costs in NYC buildings by installing Fujitsu Airstage VRF technology and eliminating fossil fuel heat sources and use of rooftop and wind shaker A/C units.

Click here for a link to the article

or Click here to see the Wales Darby Case Study: DCAS BRONX GOVERNMENT BUILDING - Fujitsu VRF Retrofit

Wales-Darby is proud to now represent Electro Industries and Skidmore!

Electro Industries - Commercial Electric Hydronic Boilers

Skidmore - Glycol Feed Pumps, Condensate Neutralizers, and Chemical Feed/Magnetic Filtration Units

Wales Darby is pleased to announce a new partnership with Riello. Riello is the Italian brand leader in manufacturing systems and technologies for heating and cooling in the residential and professional sector. Our focus will be on their line of commercial stainless steel high efficiency condensing boilers, and the Array.

The Riello Array line is a pre-packaged boiler plant, the new standard in boiler efficiency, redundancy and reliability. This multi modules boiler can provide a high turn down and multiple boiler redundancy in one packaged unit. An Array single boiler features a superior uptime reliability that is only found in a larger boiler plant and multi boiler systems.

Riello's RTC is a line of high-efficiency condensing boilers designed both for retrofit and new construction projects. Project costs are reduced thanks to the high water content heat exchanger, that requires no minimum flow rate and eliminates the need of a costly dedicated boiler circulator. Best quality materials used for all components guarantee high reliability and longer service life.

For more information visit

Wales Darby’s engineering and commercial sales teams are already experienced with condensing boiler packages as well as other complementary products represented involving piping, pumping, balancing, and control for these applications. Contact Wales-Darby for a full package and a quality systems approach to your next boiler project.

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