Fujitsu AIRSTAGE Next Tech 

Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST

Wales Darby NJ Learning Center
5B Powder Horn Dr., Warren, NJ 07059

The class is comprised of 4 modules:

  • Systems and applications
  • Installation and function settings
  • Service
  • System components and troubleshooting

Nate # 1718-0019

This class is organized by Wales Darby with products provided by Fujitsu.

Wales Darby Trainer: Jim DePalma - Contractor Services Group

Register Today:

Contact: Jim DePalma
Please note: Attendance is at the sole discretion of Wales Darby and the wholesaler.

Wales Darby is pleased to announce a new partnership with FTF Group, a United Kingdom-based manufacturer of energy-efficient chilled beams.

The product offering includes active, passive, and multiservice chilled beams.
Benefits at a glance include:

For more information, please visit FTF Group's website.

Wales Darby’s engineering team is already experienced with chilled beams as other complementary products represented involve piping, pumping, balancing, and control for these applications.  Contact Wales Darby for a full package and a quality systems approach to your chilled beam project today!

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Request Fast Support

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