Fujitsu AIRSTAGE J- and H-Series Sales Training at Petro Home Services (Poughkeepsie)

Friday, May 19th, 2023 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

Petro Home Services
47 Patrick Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY


FUJITSU NEXT TECH SYSTEMS & APPLICATIONS (for H-Series) is an interactive question and answer training for every contractor, technician, installer and sales persons. In depth discussion on the available products and how to apply them to a specific type of installation. We highlight the proper selection and application of the products and how they can solve customer comfort problems. We discuss how to read and use capacity rating charts. The use of various types of controls is highlighted.

FUJITSU AIRSTAGE J-SERIES is the next level up from the standard Fujitsu systems training module. AIRSTAGE J-Series are bigger systems for large-home and light-commercial buildings. Learn how to install Fujitsu AIRSTAGE J-Series units, which gives the contractor greater flexibility for larger homes or light to mid-size commercial projects.

Attendees will familiarize themselves with the AIRSTAGE J-Series products and will be taught the installation process. The instructor will go over refrigerant piping, electrical and wiring, system setup, controls, evacuation and charging. Students will receive sales and installation support documents as well as a certificate of completion.

Attendees can earn from 1-5 points towards their ELITE Contractor status.

This class is organized by Wales Darby with product provided by Fujitsu.

Wales Darby Trainer: John Resso - Contractor Services Group

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Contact: John Resso
Please note: Attendance is at the sole discretion of the wholesaler.
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