World Trade Center WTC Museum

Jaga In-Floor Trench Perimeter Radiation


Design specifications required the museum’s viewing area, with its floor-to-ceiling glass windows, to maintain clear views onto the memorial site and its fountains. Given the space constraint, we needed to devise customized piping size units for arrangement within the concrete sub-floor. Heating such a space without baseboard on the wall informed this particular complexity.


Wales-Darby, Inc. recommended that the engineer, Buro Happold, work with Jaga mini canal trench type in-floor fin tube radiators. Functionally, this trench heating method design allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance. Aesthetically, the sub-floor placement allows for a grill to complement the interior design.

The installation of customized Jaga fin tube radiators along the perimeter prevents condensation on the floor-to-ceiling windows and assures unobstructed views of the memorial. Utilizing low-temperature water, the system also provides energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Products on the Job

Perimeter Fin Tube Radiation (Taco, Jaga, Uponor)