NYC Hotel Water Need Meets Electrification Energy Code

DHT Tank & Plate Storage Water Heaters with Taco ECM Pumps


To supply efficient domestic hot water for their 350 rooms and banquet facilities, while meeting NYC Energy Code when replacing older, less-efficient water heaters.


The Commercial Tank and Plate Storage Water Heaters provided by DHT, along with Taco ECM pumps and expansion tank more than satisfied both the hotel staff and guests with plenty of hot water for baths, showers, washing machines and hand-washing. The DHT STP Series Commercial indirect is designed to operate with low supply water temps such as from a condensing boiler or heat pump. The multiple HX design allows for heat recovery with condenser water systems to meet the New York City Energy Code. As the nation's largest water heating representative, we have a DHW solution for any application.

Products on the Job

(2) DHT 175-gallon STP Series - Tank and Plate Storage Water Heaters
Taco Viridian high-efficiency ECM pumps
Taco thermal expansion tank