JFK TWA Hotel Connie Airplane Project

Spacepak High Velocity A/C, Heat Pump & Iorex Pipe Corrosion Prevention


Today she is simply known as “Connie”. She is one of only four remaining L-1649A Lockheed Constellation airplanes in the world. Restored back to her majestic glory, Connie is now part of the $250 million dollar TWA Hotel project designed to transport visitors back to the early 1960’s to experience an age where air travel was glamorous. She welcomes vistors in style as a fully-restored one-of-a-kind cocktail lounge. As part of her transformation, Connie was equipped with an array of SpacePak products that perfectly addressed each of her HVAC challenges.


Four LAHP48 Solstice Extreme Air-to-Water Heat Pumps are located remotely in a bunker. Chilled or hot water is piped underground into the underbelly of the plane to three WCSP-3642J air handlers and one WCSP4860J air handler which provide conditioned fresh air to the plane through traditional round and linear slot diffusers located throughout the plane. Return air is brought back to the air handlers from multiple return grills under the seating of the plane. The air handlers are controlled by the use of the SpacePak SSIC and ZonePak Pro controls.

The ability to remotely place the Solstice Extreme Air-to-Water heat pumps away from the plane and out of the visitor’s sight as well as the ability to fit the 2-inch flexible duct work inside the walls of the fuselage made SpacePak the ideal system for this project. Additionally, the current gas moratorium denying new and expanded gas service in New York’s five boroughs, Westchester County and Long Island, made the Solstice Extreme an easy choice for this and many other projects.

Products on the Job

Spacepak Air-to-Water Heat Pump
Spacepak High Velocity A/C
Taco Viridian ECM Pump(s)
Iorex Non-Chemical Pipe Treatment