Brookhaven Memorial Hospital (Long Island Community)

Uponor Radiant Snow Melt


To reduce the hazard and liability of slips and falls of the general public entering the Hospital due to snowy, icy or wet conditions in the Winter.


For this extensive renovation project to the entrance of the hospital (including main lobby and public egress into the hospital), the initial design called for a radiant floor heating system within the lobby in addition to an extensive snow melt area encompassing the entirety of the sidewalk in the front of the building as well as public access areas. The intent of the snow melt system was to reduce the hazard and liability to the general public entering the Hospital. During the VE process the radiant floor was omitted from the project and the snow melt project scope was significantly reduced to include only a portion of the main sidewalk area leading to the lobby entrance and public transport drop off area located directly in front of the main lobby. The snow melt system worked perfectly to ensure direct access to the hospital entry was clear of snow, ice without the use of salts or additional human efforts to remove this critical path area.

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Uponor Radiant Snow Melt